Reproducible Science

DataLad is an ideal tool for conducting reproducible science. It can track and obtain shared data and publish results. Importantly, it jointly manages both analysis input data and the associated analysis code --- critical to reproduce any analysis. Lastly, DataLad is able to temporally capture the exact commands used to produce the results.

All together, DataLad can automatically create an extensive provenance record, with all the information necessary to rerun an analysis from beginning to end and demonstrate reproducibility.

Here is a quick demo of how DataLad captures the results derived from input data. Scroll further down for a more in-depth demo of a full analysis.

The next demo shows the complete setup, execution, and replication of a brain imaging analysis on real data — in just five minutes. You'll see how easy it is to automatically yield a reproducible outcome. It also demonstrates how DataLad helps to maintain a strict separation of inputs and outputs to clearly identify what needs to be archived alongside a publication.