For Data Consumers

Data are key to many applications, and while an enormous amount of data is available, it is all-too-often impossible for interested parties to consume the relevant pieces efficiently, become aware when any part of it changes, and why it changed.

For a growing number of data portals, the DataLad team provides native DataLad datasets that offer fine-grained access to current and historic version of many datasets.

However, the vast majority of all available data are scattered around the web using an incomprehensible variety of sites, access methods, and formats. In order to help mitigate this complexity, DataLad provides tools to monitor non-DataLad data sources on the web. With these tools, DataLad users are able to track their changes over time, curate them, and even re-publish them as native DataLad datasets.

The following demo shows how one can create a readily usable dataset from data and code posted on a textbook's companion website.