Interested in helping out? We'd love for you to contribute to DataLad and make it even better!

DataLad is written in Python and is open source (released under the MIT license); all development happens on GitHub.

A good entry point is our Easy Hacks, a list of good starter tasks we maintain for newcomers to familiarize themselves with our code and development process. You should also make sure to read the contributing document to make sure you follow DataLad's coding style and conventions.

We've written a post about benchmarking git-annex across file-systems, and also maintain a benchmarking dashboard that tracks the performance of various DataLad operations.

The documentation is found in the source tree in the docs subfolder.

If you would like to help with the website or have suggestions, you can find the code and issue tracker at

Want to get in contact with us? Twitter and our matrix chatroom are best, but we also have a team email account at